Rescue Desk was founded early 2008 with one goal in mind: to build a virtual assistance firm that works behind the scenes helping small-business owners succeed. Our firm works with solopreneurs, small business owners, nonprofits, associations, and busy executives.

Unlike most virtual assistants, we are not a home-based business. We are a small team of highly trained dedicated professionals working out of our main office in Madison, Wisconsin. This allows us to bring a much wider skill set to the table for every client we serve; while our clients get a dedicated Rescue Desk Project Leader, they also have the horsepower of our entire team working for them.

Our mission is really pretty simple. Our job is to make your job easier. We are an executive assistant, marketing coordinator and project manager all rolled into one, and our job is to take those time-consuming support tasks and projects off your to-do list.

Anyone who has ever said “I need an assistant!” can utilize the services of our firm. We are a behind-the-scenes partner whose job it is to give you the time you need to grow your business and find that work/life balance we all work so hard to achieve.

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