Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between working with a virtual assistant firm and hiring an employee?

Virtual Assistants can do almost anything that an on-site employee would do, except we work remotely from our own offices. Virtual administrators usually partner with clients for a set number of hours per month in order to provide ongoing, regular support.

It’s a very high-quality, cost-efficient solution to get the professional business support you need, without having to incur employee hiring costs, additional office space, etc. You’re adding skilled, focused, high-level, professional assistance to your team, but in a more compact, efficient package.


How do you support my business if I don’t see you every day?

The key to working with virtual professionals is simple – communication. Thanks to the tools available for real-time communication and information transfer, you aren’t more than a click away from your trusted virtual support team.

VAs provide progress reports, ask questions, and take the initiative to use their resources to get the job done.


What services does Rescue Desk provide?

Our role is to take on tasks that are supportive in scope and nature. Our primary services include providing support in the areas of communications, marketing, social media, creative projects and high-level executive assistance.

If there is something you need that we’re not completely confident we can do or if it’s not part of our service listing, we will share that with you … and help you find someone who can!


What services don’t you provide?

There are a few areas where we rely on referring out to key strategic partners because either A.) it’s simply not an area of expertise, or B.) we’re not the most cost-effective solution. Those areas include bookkeeping, phone-answering (direct customer service), and outbound sales (appointment setting/cold calling).


How much can I expect to pay for a Virtual Assistant?

It varies and depends on the services the VA firm offers and the market he or she serves. VAs generally charge on a per-project hourly basis, some have ongoing retainer packages, and others provide flat-fee managed services. Rescue Desk provides all three.

Established administrative consulting firms (such as Rescue Desk!) have fees that are similar to other high-level professional service providers, such as bookkeepers, graphic designers, copywriters, Website developers and the like.

While we’re less expensive than hiring a full-time employee (and, arguably, bring more skills and experience to the table!), we’re also not a $10/hour intern.


Who are your clients?

Our clients are typically amazing small business owners, incredible consultants, dynamic nonprofit organizations and associations, and fearless solo entrepreneurs. Our clients ROCK, and quickly become family to us! (Here is a small sample of a few of the folks we’ve worked with.) They become our clients when they need their to-do lists to become more manageable; when they need important — but time-consuming — administrative work and creative tasks taken off their desks.


I see you’re based in Madison, Wisconsin. Do you only work with clients in the surrounding area?

While our primary market is south central Wisconsin and stretches throughout the state, it certainly isn’t our only market. Like any virtual professional, we are equipped with the tools to stay in touch and work with clients just about anywhere.


How do you support me if you’re not familiar with my industry?

That’s easy – we ask! Virtual administrators are a bright and insatiably curious bunch, and we don’t hesitate to do research, ask questions and learn about each client’s challenges and goals.

Remember, we have years of business experience and are seasoned professionals when it comes to finding and using our resources. It’s part of our job to learn yours.